• Joining Forces

This month saw the launch of our groundbreaking hyper-car, in collaboration with Red Bull Racing: the AM-RB 001

A truly extraordinary and ambitious innovation, this partnership seeks to re-define the automotive world by creating an unprecedented fusion of function and form. Uniting the very best of road and race car thinking, AM-RB 001 harnesses the power of a racing car through its unique aerodynamics, whilst retaining the unmistakable elegance of an Aston Martin on the road. This coming together of two of the industry’s greatest talents, Aston Martin EVP and Chief Creative Officer, Marek Reichman and Red Bull Racing’s Chief Technical Officer, Adrian Newey inspired us to think about some other revolutionary collaborations from across the creative industries…

Healthy Drinking

Whilst the partnership between Louis Roederer and French designer Philippe Starck had started off as a design-led venture, it soon became apparent that Starck was unable to design the bottle without understanding what was inside it. This led to a veritable joint project between Starck and the MD of Louis Roederer, Frédéric Rouzaud, in a quest for authenticity, elegance and reinvention. This coincided with a dramatic change in the Champagne climate in 2006, creating an exceptional harvest to work with, and producing a rare depth of flavour and texture. The resulting Brut Nature 2006 allowed these grapes to take centre stage, with no added sugar – a vision Starck had been adamant to achieve from the outset. The precious contents of this cuvée inspired Starck to create a stripped-back label, which would be unobtrusive to its elegance, simply telling the story of the Champagne as if it were a note to the cellars.


tested beyond endurance…

High Flyers

Elsewhere, we’re drawn to the surprising collaboration between the niche British luxury watchmaker, Bremont, and Martin-Baker, a little-known British manufacturer of fighter plane ejector seats. Together they have created the Bremont MB watch, designed to endure the rigours and challenges faced by pilots and subjected to the same intense testing programme as an ejection seat. As such, this exclusive watch remains solely for pilots who have been ejected from a Martin-Baker seat. For those of us who will never get to see the inside of a fighter plane, there are two further editions available, the MBII and MBIII, which prove to be the only timepieces available that have truly been tested beyond endurance.

Wearable Art

Globally successful cutting-edge artist Tracey Emin has joined forces with long-time friend and jewellery designer, Stephen Webster. Emin famously produced neon signs for Webster’s Beverly Hills flagship store in 2010, and it’s evident that this unique collection has drawn from these designs. The duo’s latest collaboration, ‘I Promise To Love You’, bears Emin’s distinctively emotive declarations, such as “love”, “more passion” and “with you I breathe”, forged in plain gold. There is also a series of charms inspired by her sketches of woodland creatures.