Aston Martin Vantage at Millbrook

Millbrook Performance Driving Course


Millbrook Proving Ground, Bedford, UK


Selected dates available

Enjoy honing your driving skills at Millbrook Proving Ground, Bedford, UK.


  • £1,500 per person

Day courses available all year-round by special appointment. Experience the full range of driving sensations with one to one tuition and master the essentials of car dynamics in a selected right-hand drive Aston Martin car. Choose from DBS, New Vantage, DB11 V12 & V8 or Rapide S. Other options are available on request.

Immerse yourself in a challenging environment at Millbrook Proving Ground. Hone and develop your driving skills under the guidance of a personal driving expert. Hands-on practice in different environments will allow you to feel the thrill of car handling, mastering hill routes, straight line power delivery and braking on the straights.

*You must possess a clean and valid driving license and be aged 18 or over to participate.

Aston Martin DB11 at Millbrook
DBS Superleggera Volante at Millbrook
Aston Martin Vantage at Millbrook
Aston Martin Vantage at Millbrook
Aston Martins line up at Millbrook

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