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    Christian Horner

Christian Horner has been Team Principal of the Red Bull Racing Formula One team, for over a decade. Beginning his career as a driver, he went on to form his own team, Arden International, which he ended up running after taking a step back from racing. Since then, after years of expertise, he joined Red Bull Racing, and brought together a full team of passionate and committed racers, engineers, and mechanics, and has taken them to the very top of the sport.

Where is your perfect weekend destination and why?

Home for sure, surrounded by family and a whole menagerie of different animals.

What do you love or find the most rewarding in your professional career?

Winning, obviously, is the most rewarding thing. It’s a culmination of everything coming together and of course the quality of opponents that we have is immense, so the realisation of all of that coming together is enormously rewarding.

What is the best investment you have ever made?

Definitely bricks and mortar, I would say it has been houses rather than stock market or anything like that.

What do you consider to be luxury?

Aston Martin for sure is luxury. I think anything that makes your life easier in an opulent manner is luxury.

What do you consider to be Art?

Beauty – that can be in the shape of a car, it could be a piece on a wall, but I think Art is an object of beauty.

What was your most extravagant purchase and was it worth it?

The most extravagant purchase I made is an Aston Martin DB5. It’s an iconic car and it’s probably the most extravagant thing that I own.

What was the most thrilling event you have ever attended?

I’ve been to quite a few different events, but the one that stands out is probably the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix in 2010 when we won our first Drivers World Championship.

Who do you admire and who inspires you? Or what inspires you?

I admire inspirational leaders, particularly in the sporting field. I admire people that have stood the test of time, somebody like Alex Ferguson, or Arsene Wenger. Two guys that clearly stand out in their sporting field, having achieved a huge amount.

How would you like to be remembered?

I’d like other people to decide that rather than me, I think you’re judged on what you do and how you do things so I’d like other people to make that decision, not me.


My Aston Martin of choice is the DB5, which I am fortunate enough to have one of. It’s an iconic car and a beautiful piece of engineering with British heritage.

What is your motto?

Never give up.

Your dream dinner guests…

I think it would be fun to have Winston Churchill, he would definitely be a good one. Jim Clark too, I’d definitely have him around. Colin Chapman would be fun, so of course we would put Adrian Newey opposite him and they could bounce some ideas off each other. It’s a bit male dominated so I’d invite a few ladies to join – Margaret Thatcher, she could liven things up. And maybe add Beyonce (laughs).

A skill, language or subject you would love to learn…

English! I think the British are traditionally lazy at adopting other languages because English is spoken so widely around the world, but the advantage of being able to speak in different languages, whether it is Italian, French or German – or even Chinese these days is hugely beneficial.

Your proudest moment or achievement so far…

My proudest moment so far has probably been our first ever Grand Prix victory. You’re standing at the top step of the podium alongside both of our drivers, having achieved a 1-2 finish in China in 2009 and the realisation dawns: ‘we have won a Grand Prix’. It was Red Bull Racing’s first ever victory and that will always stand out in my mind as being a tremendously proud moment, picking up the Constructor’s trophy on behalf of the team and looking down and seeing all the faces of joy, with the realisation that we’d actually won a Grand Prix.

How do you define beauty?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so what one person may see as beautiful may be ugly to the next, so I think everybody has an individual take on it.

What is your Aston Martin of choice and why? 

My Aston Martin of choice is the DB5, which I am fortunate enough to have one of. It’s an iconic car and a beautiful piece of engineering with British heritage.

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