• Discover the innovative heritage of Californian architecture at Modernism Week

Located in the Sonoran Desert, Palm Springs, Modernism Week is an annual ten-day event that has been celebrating America’s mid-century modernist heritage since 2009

It’s an extraordinary showcase for innovative, eco-friendly, sustainable design from creators who hail from across the U.S. The mountainous landscape covered in cacti and palm trees serves as a striking backdrop; the well-conserved mid-century modernist buildings sit in stark contrast to the rugged wilderness of their natural surroundings. Born out of the local Palm Springs Modernism Show and the yearly symposium, a group of local design and architecture experts gathered to create what is now known as Modernism Week. It’s an attractive and forward-thinking design mecca that draws as many as 85 decorative and fine arts dealers, along with international visitors eager to experience the myriad architecture tours and lectures, vintage car exhibitions and interactive displays.


Art of Living by Aston Martin has curated an immersive experience for guests, which provides insider access and expert wisdom on all things related to sustainable aesthetic design

Palm Springs lends itself particularly well to the viewer experience, thanks to the unique quality of its natural light, a quality that plays with the shadows and lines in extraordinary ways. For Aston Martin’s creative talent, this Californian desert light is something of an inspiration, enhancing the sleek lines and purity of form, a core element to the unique Aston Martin design language.

The emotional connection between the natural setting of Modernism Week and the design works on display is undeniable. How better to experience that connection and its powerful influence, than through the eyes of Aston Martin’s design experts? They draw inspiration from this extraordinary week as well as Palm Springs’ rich design heritage – the perfect match for Aston Martin

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